Plan Chosen

The E-storm (.818-inch) level of control will capture approximately 83% of the wet weather volume per year and reduce the number of days that do not meet water quality standards from an average of 24 days per year to about 14 days per year.  Therefore, the Citizen Advisory Committee decided that Alternative 1 should be used for the E-storm level because it will control the CSO volumes required at the most reasonable cost.  Also, Option 2 will be utilized in the area of Fairbanks Park to greatly reduce the occurrence of overflows within this priority area.  These improvements will allow the City to store 4.0 million gallons of stormwater and wastewater during storm events, which will then be conveyed to the wastewater treatment plant when capacity becomes available.

The City's Long-Term Control Plan will be implemented in two phases over a period of approximately ten years.


Illustration of inflatable dam. This will alow combined sewage to be stored within the sewer system until it can be relayed to the wastewater treatment plant.